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I help tech startups grow faster with Hybrid Consulting. I also help SMBs to setup, profit, and scale pay-per-click ads with done-for-you services, backed by my performance guarantee policy.

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Done-For-You, Perfectly

Focus On Full Sales Funnel

The wide set of skills I offer you for the one, fixed monthly price allows me to not only work on tripling your sales, but also tripling your returning customers sales too. As required for true growth. 

Full Team Immersion

I help out where possible with information/resources sharing with your team, while also utilizing their customer-facing or product insights into my marketing efforts to perform even better.

Rates Fit For A SMBs

I give my clients 6 skill areas of expertise (listed below) for just a single, fixed monthly fee. And once we’re the right fit, you’ll automatically get a 50% discount off our first month of working together.

You’ll Sleep Well At Night

You’ll get 24/7 access to a dashboard for real-time project updates. And unlike the industry’s norm of once a month or bi-weekly strategy calls, my phone line is open 24/7 for you.

Hybrid Consulting - The Cheat Code Built For Startups

Ever had a “f**k marketing” moment? I personally built this system to be a startup founder’s cheat code to market your product better and faster through long-term, hands-on support from me (expert growth hacker). Nina explains how it works below:

Note: I’m currently helping founders of some of the fastest growing early-phase startups so no more free trials. Instead, fill out the 30-second form below to receive updates and secure your spot for the next batch of startup founders I’ll work with.

Fostering Fulfilling Partnerships

What Have To Say

My Secret Behind Doing Stuff Differently

Six Core Principles

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Marketing Automation

Know the secrets behind what makes your top competitors attractive or why certain customers are less likely to renew/shop again.

  • Zapier Workflow Automation
  • Chatbot Construction
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Search Engine Optimization

Apply critical aspects of search engine optimization to your paid marketing efforts. This results in stronger targeting, better ad ranking and much cheaper advertising costs.

  • Technical SEO (website optimization)
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO
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Pay-Per-Click Ads

Target your highest valued customers through intent-rich Google Ads, or even through the experimentation of new PPC channels where your target audience resides online.

  • Google Ads (search, display, shopping and YouTube network)
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Reddit Ads
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High-Growth Strategies

Apply strategic recommendations that are unique to your startup issues and backed by your own data, to help you break through the noise and better engage your customers.

  • Strengthening Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)
  • Customer Experience Funnel Audits
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Data Analytics

Spot irregular traffic trends in real-time, identify webpages that need improvement, and polish your already high-converting landing pages through proper analysis of your data.

  • Conversion Tracking Implementation
  • Data Analytics Audit
  • User Behavior Tracking
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Conversion-Focused Copy Optimization

Identify and fix underperforming copy in your conversion funnel on an ongoing basis through regularly conducted audits and optimization sessions.

  • Direct Response Copywriting (website content, ad copy, etc)
  • A/B split testing

What If We Partnered Together?

Sneak Peek Of My Workflow:

Week 1

🔍Audits, audits and more audits. I'll run a thorough audit of your entire marketing, sales and customer service channels, documenting every single leak I find in your conversion funnel. This includes directly communicating with your customer-facing team for key insights. They don't call me Piper the plumber for nothing.

Week 2

Deep market research and even deeper competitive analysis will be carried out and your analytics data will also be used to draft up a plethora of recommendations based on my findings, for you and your executive team to review.

Week 3

A detailed PPC strategy will be drafted for your approval, complete with all the essentials, including: your key USPs (main reasons customers buy from you), your highest value keywords, ROI-positive KPI targets, conversion tracking and user behavior analytics implementation outline, and a thought-provoking SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.

Week 4

Your ads will be launched in under 30 days, with a series of optimization efforts done to steer your ad campaigns toward profitability. Want to know more?

Simple, 3-Steps Onboarding

Free Strategy Session

We'll first do a quick, 30 minute call where we'll run-through what advertising success would look like for your business. You'll get a glimpse of some of your biggest competitors' digital advertising strategies. And I'll also answer any questions you may have.

Proposed Action Plan

After our strategy session, I'll send you a list of high-priority items I'd get started on, along with some data I've gathered for proof that my plan is in your company's best interest.

Team Immersion

Here we'll finalize and agree on our terms of partnership. I'll then request access to your marketing stack, and lastly, I'll introduce myself to your team prior to getting to work.

Making Paid Marketing For You

Without The:
  • Long term contracts
  • "Good start, bad finish" partnerships
  • Empty promises
  • Or sneaky upsells

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