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Jamaican On The Outside

I’m Romaine and despite my attachment with books from an early age, I grew up with an outgoing personality, which was pretty unexpected. I’ve fallen in love with strategy from my childhood, whether it be challenging people in my community in checkers, to building “empires” in MMORPG games and PC games like Tropico.

I always enjoy meeting new people and adding to my list of foods I’ve never tried before. I tend to be the weird guy that prefers a hot cup of natural tea over coffee. Yeah. Seriously.

Growth Marketer On The Inside

This journey started out after I’ve noticed how synchronized customer experience was with pay-per-click ads and marketing and figured it would also complement my existing strengths at the time.

Fast-forward a few years in the corporate and startup space, becoming Google Ads certified, certified in Digital Marketing and a proud member of the distinguished, growthhackers.com community. I can happily say I’ve learned a ton and continue to learn on a daily basis. I’m always excited about new opportunities, challenges, and coming up with creative customer-centric strategies to experiment. Find me on LinkedIn.

Romaine Piper, Founder and CEO of Targetedright.com

Romaine, Founder and CEO

From A Mustard Seed

Targeted Right was built after noticing how underserved tech startups were. I thought to myself, how could startups get the personal attention and value their company craved, without the expensive cost of hiring or the long contractual obligations of marketing agencies.

To A Mustard Plant

My medium term vision is for Targeted Right to expand with more growth marketers from closely related specialties. This will add to Targeted Right’s existing core principles, giving clients much more value, while initiating the ultimate transformation of the company.

To The Mightiest Mustard Tree


Ultimate Vision

This growth marketing startup will one day reimagine how startups are served by being built out into a term that I coined at 3am in the morning. This is what I think some “marketing agencies” should have been since day one. Growth that’s more affordable to clients while providing up to 1000x more value, consists of employees that don’t suffer from burnout and follows a healthy culture of target-hitting, without the micro-management. 

Growth Marketing With

Without The:
  • Long term contracts
  • "Good start, bad finish" partnerships
  • Empty promises
  • Or sneaky upsells

Marketer vector character successfully increasing performance of customer acquisition channels

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